Any Purpose Unsecured Loans & Quick In Principle Decisions

Unsecured Loan Application - CLICK HERE To Apply NOWAre you considering unsecured loans as a way of financing home improvements or buying a new car?

Perhaps you’re thinking of consolidating your personal finances, if so, an unsecured loan could be the sensible answer.

If you apply for an unsecured loan right now, you’ll have an in principle decision ASAP.

Credit Solutions 4 are affiliated to some of the leading affiliate networks who work with the leading prime banks, credit card issuers and financial lending institutions worldwide.

We Are Affiliates In The Financial Services Sector

UK Financial Services Authorised AffiliatesWe pride ourselves on being able to market a selection of financial products and services, as authorised by various networks, which enable our site visitors to compare personal banking and business bank accounts available in the UK and abroad (offshore).

We also market a large selection of credit cards, debit cards, unsecured loans, vehicle finance, contract hire and much more allowing you to compare which is the best product or service for you.

Credit Solutions 4 are not suppliers of financial services but we have found top financial institutions who are able to offer a variety of services to people with past and/or present credit problems.

Past Credit Problems Needn’t Be An Issue

Refused & Turned Down For Finance ElsewhereCounty Court Judgements or CCJ’s, defaults, arrears, late payments, IVA’s and bankruptcy needn’t hold you back as many of the Lenders we have found for you, suit all non status, poor credit, bad credit or adverse credit status customers.

Prepaid MasterCard and VISA Credit Card – available Worldwide* including residents from the UK.

If you consider yourself as blacklisted, we’ve sourced a collection of great no credit checks prepaid card products for you to compare.

Even people with CCJ’s, IVA’s or in bankruptcy (subject to identity and address verification) can get a VISA or MasterCard branded product.

Credit cards and ATM debit cards bearing the MasterCard and VISA logo’s are available for status, sub prime and non status applicants alike.

Credit Cards For Non Status Applicants

With such great introductory offers and rates available from a whole host of issuers, we have found a credit card, not a prepaid credit or debit card which is available to non status credit card applicants with an adverse credit history or CCJ’s.

Information regarding this credit card provider can be viewed at Vanquis Visa Credit Card.

Bank Accounts – everything from personal banking with cheque book facilities and business banking through to an offshore Swiss bank account.

Status & Non Status UK Unsecured Loans Personal Finance

Unsecured Loans Application FormUnsecured personal loans for status and non status applicants alike.

Simply visit our unsecured loans section for details on applying for an online loan, even if you have a good credit history or adverse credit.

All applications are considered with Lenders offering help to people who would otherwise be declined, turned down or rejected for credit elsewhere.

Quick & Easy Online Unsecured Loans Application

Apply online now for a fast in principle decision for any amount between £250 and £25,000.

Helping spread the cost during the current financial climate, apply online today for a cash loan from Provident Financial Unsecured Loans – your loan will be made available to you on a VISA debit card in amounts from £50 to £500, credit history not a problem and tenants applications welcome.

Pay day loans – if you require cash fast for whatever reason before your next pay day comes around, up to £750 could be deposited in your UK bank account today.

Unexpected bills or other expenses can occur at anytime and the pay day loans service offers you access to your money when you need it most.

Vehicle Finance For Everyone

New & Used Car FinanceVehicle finance including everything from guaranteed acceptance car finance from the UK’s leading providers of car credit through to status and non status contract hire can be compared within the vehicle finance section.

Contract hire, personal lease and contract purchase, even for business start-up customers or people with no accounts.

If you wish to borrow money to purchase the vehicle of your choice from the car dealer of your choice, there is a finance option even if you have been refused car credit.

So, if you have been turned down for car finance, there is a solution for you and you are free to select your chosen car from a dealer of your choice.

Commercial leasing – take a look at the weekly specials available in our commercial lease section.

Auto solutions from car insurance to car warranties to great value breakdown cover from some of the leading providers in the UK.

Debt Consolidation & Debt Management

Debt Consolidation & Debt Management HelpTotal debt consolidation in the form of debt management so if you have bills spiralling out of control and cannot see a way out, debt management may be the way forward for you.

We have all been there at some point in our lives, everything needs paying at the same time and whilst a loan may appear to be the best option, it is not always possible.

Debt consolidation offers you one affordable monthly repayment cutting your monthly outgoings into a payment which meets your individual affordable needs.

We are proud to announce our affiliation with Secure Trust Basic Bank Account & Prepaid MasterCard … the NO credit checks real bank service offering a prepaid MasterCard and real Direct Debit (DD’s) service.

Finally, you may have read about mis-sold PPI’s in the press and on TV and if you have been mis-sold payment protection insurance, PPI Return can help you claim back any payments made.