Best Selling UK Loans

Are you looking for loans but feel confused and baffled by all the loan jargon?

Are you fully aware of what type of loans service you require and are just looking for the best loan deal around?

Perhaps you have been refused loans in the past and are looking for a low rate loan without all the hassles and scare mongering usually associated with non status loans.

Loans come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and for people from all walks of life and there are loans to suit your particular financial requirements.

Take a look at the types of loans currently available below:

What Are Unsecured Loans?

Unsecured loans which are also referred to as unsecured personal loans are a means of obtaining finance without the need for collateral, in other words, you do not need to pledge your home or other assets as security in return for the unsecured personal finance.

What Are Non Status Unsecured Personal Loans?

Non status unsecured personal loans are just like unsecured loans as described above however, the lender will consider some poor credit that the applicant has incurred.

There are a number of reputable lenders in the unsecured loans industry who understand that from time to time, people can fall on difficult times and find themselves unable to make a few payments, perhaps they have a couple of County Court Judgements (CCJ’s) or late payments.

Lenders who specialise in supplying non status unsecured personal loans will allow for a few misfortunes and will assess a non status unsecured personal loan application on its own merit.

One of the downsides of unsecured loans in the non status market place is that the APR is usually slightly higher as the lender is taking more of a risk in lending the finance to an applicant who has a poor credit history or who has been refused credit elsewhere however, Credit Solutions 4 have sourced an unsecured loans service who will consider all circumstances and will provide a loan at affordable rates if the loan application is successful.

What Are Pay Day Loans?

Pay day loans are small short term loans which are ideal if you feel you need a little extra cash before your next pay day and you don’t have access to money saved or access to a credit card or debit card.

If you need a pay day loan to cover you until you get paid and you are confident you can settle the loan in full as required by the pay day loans provider, they are a great way of short term borrowing.

However, pay day loans should NOT be considered as a means of long term borrowing or if you feel you may not be able to afford to repay the balance off when you receive your wages – missing repaying the balance in full or needing the service over an extended period of time does make the pay day loans service extremely expensive.

What Are Short Term Doorstep Loans?

Short term doorstep loans which are sometimes referred to as door-to-door loans are very similar in nature to pay day loans but the repayment period is usually a few months longer – 3 months being quite standard.

Short term loans in many cases can usually be accessed the same day. In other words, if you reply be the lenders cut off time which can be anything up to around 4 pm in the day, the cash can be advanced the same day.

Short term doorstep loans are become very popular in todays current financial climate and make a great cash advance service is used responsibly.

We have researched the most responsible and highly respected short term doorstep loans providers in the UK for your convenience and you can rest assured they are all accredited as being responsible lenders.