Vehicle Finance – Your Options

Whether you require full status or credit history problems car finance, vehicle contract hire, personal contract purchase, lease hire or non status contract hire, there is a vehicle finance solution for you.

If you have experienced bad credit problems obtaining vehicle finance perhaps because you have a poor credit history, car finance may still be available to you.

Vehicle finance is available in various options, you have the option of buying the vehicle outright but that would defeat the object of visiting the vehicle finance section. Listed below is a selection of options which will enable you to finance your next vehicle:

Buying Your Car On Finance

Most people generally think about buying a car on finance and with this in mind, you’ll find a selection of car finance offers below, from well known and highly respected car dealers – depending on your selection, you’ll have a choice as to whether you find the vehicle and finance your purchase through the appropriate offer or you can visit a showroom, select your car and have your car finance sorted out for you on the spot.

Contract Hire & Non Status Contract Hire Vehicles

Other alternatives include contract hire – you take out an agreement over a set length of time and you effectively hire the vehicle for that duration.

For applicants who fall under the umbrella of sub-prime customers, vehicles are available on contract hire but at a slightly increased monthly repayment and you may have to pay an additional month up front to secure your vehicle – this is referred to as non status contract hire.

Contract Purchase – Ideal Leasing Option For Businesses

Contract purchase is the ideal leasing solution for business who prefer to pay a lump sum at the end of the contract to take ownership of the vehicle. Most applicants who enter into a contract purchase agreement usually intend to take ownership of the car at the end of the legally binding agreement however, there are circumstances when the applicant may decide to simply hand back the vehicle which is an option at the end of the contract.