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About home security

How does home security effect my home insurance premiums?
Should I install a burglar alarm?
What are acceptable window locks?
What is an acceptable door lock?
What home insurance risks particularly exist for a tenant?
Why do thieves target rented shared accommodation including flats?

About home insurance cover:

How much should I insure my possessions for?
How do I calculate a rebuilding cost for my buildings insurance?
What is accidental damage on home insurance?
In a shared home should I insure just my own or all tenants possessions?
What is new for old cover?
How much contents insurance do I need?
Can I insure a property with a thatched roof?
Can I insure a buy to let property, do you do landlords insurance?
What is SAL, or single article limit on my home insurance?
What is covered under valuables on my home insurance?
Can I claim under contents insurance for items in the garden?
What cover exists for my shed or outbuildings on my home insurance?
How do I insure my bike?
Am I covered for damage by pets?
What liability cover is included on my house insurance and what does it do?
Is cash covered in the home?
Can I specify expensive valuables on my home insurance?
Can I insure my home even though I work from home?
My flat is leasehold do I need buildings cover?
Do I have to stick with the buildings insurance cover provided by my mortgage company?

General home insurance questions:

Why are online quote forms so long?
How can I reduce my home insurance premium?
When buying a house when should I buy home insurance?
Why don’t home insurance companies like shared home insurance and shared flat insurance?
What do I need receipts for in an home insurance claim?
How do I claim on my home insurance?
How do I adjust my home insurance policy?
What do I do to get buildings insurance in a flood area?
Does a no claims bonus apply to home insurance?
Do I need to tell my buildings insurance company if I extend my home?
What is subsidence and how does it affect household insurance?
How does Subsidence / Heave / Landslip / Flood effect my household insurance?
How long can I leave my home unoccupied for?
Am I insured against non-forcible entry to my house?
What happens if I am underinsured and make a home insurance claim? – What is Average?