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How have Fixed Rate Loans affected businesses?

How have Fixed Rate Loans affected businesses? Some businesses have been forced to pay enormous break fees which have crippled them. In some cases, this has led to insolvency or bankruptcy. Others have been handcuffed by the threat of breakage costs they could not afford high-interest have been stuck paying high fixed interest rates during a recession when their competitors

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Fixed Rate Loans

How did this happen, I trusted my bank, why would they give me bad advice? This came about simply because of the banks’ short-term selfishness, greed and abuse of trust. The most disturbing aspect is that they saddled customers with huge breakage cost liabilities without their knowledge. The individual bank staff who made large bonuses by selling these unsuitable products

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Fixed-rate business loans

Did you know that fixed-rate business loans often contain breakage clauses which can mean breakage costs of up to 50% of the loan? When customers try to exit the loan, either for refinancing or changing to a cheaper rate, or because they are forced to do so by their bank, they are faced with these often hidden costs. The breakage

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What is an IVA?

An IVA stands for Individual Voluntary Arrangement and is a formal arrangement between an individual and their creditors. Over 3500 people enter into an IVA every month. If you are currently struggling to make your monthly payments on unsecured debts then an IVA may be able to help you. An IVA is a way of consolidating all of your debt

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About home security

How does home security effect my home insurance premiums? Should I install a burglar alarm? What are acceptable window locks? What is an acceptable door lock? What home insurance risks particularly exist for a tenant? Why do thieves target rented shared accommodation including flats? About home insurance cover: How much should I insure my possessions for? How do I calculate

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Bank Accounts | Credit Cards | Mortgages & Secured Loans

We are Professional intermediaries and affiliates to prime banks, credit card issuers and financial lending institutions worldwide and we pride ourselves on being able to introduce customers from all walks of life to personal banking and business bank accounts in the UK and abroad. We offer financial services to people with past and/or present credit problems, County Court Judgements or